Migrate joomla extension from 2.5 to 3.0


Controller class change from JController to JControllerLegacy

//$controller = JController::getInstance('HelloWorld');
$controller = JControllerLegacy::getInstance('HelloWorld');

Model class change from JModel to JModelLegacy

class HelloWorldModelHelloWorld extends JModelItemLegacy

View Class Change from JView to JViewLegacy

//class HelloWorldViewHelloWorlds extends JView
class HelloWorldViewHelloWorlds extends JViewLegacy

class HelloWorldController extends JControllerLegacy

class HelloWorldModelUpdHelloWorld extends JModelFormLegacy

JRegistry::getValue() now is JRegistry::get()

//Convert sample to JRegistry with LoadJSON - Sample from Joomla 3.0 sourcecode

//                              $params = new JRegistry;
//                              $params->loadJSON($this->item->params);
//                              $this->item->params = $params;

                                $params = new JRegistry;
                                $item->params = $params;

Database function changes - 

nameQuote(joomla 2.5)  - quoteName(joomla 3.0)


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